About Care My Tree

Women-Owned, NFP Organization

Care My Tree is a women-owned not-for-profit organization focusing on Fruit-bearing tree plantations in Punjab and several other states of India. We help small farmers get out of the traditional, low-profit, and cyclic crop systems, which are depleting groundwater and destroying soil fertility.

Our mission with Care My Tree is to hit two targets with one shot. We are reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful gases from our earth with the help of fruit-bearing trees. This unique idea can help debt-ridden, struggling farmers to ditch the traditional, low-profit, and cyclic crop system, which depletes groundwater and destroys soil fertility.

Aarti Shakya

Co-Founder & CEO

We need more women social workers and entrepreneurs with unique ideas and vision in environment conservation.

CMT has a unique view on environment conservation. We help small and struggling farmers with fruit-bearing trees to help their earnings and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) to conserve the environment.

Our Mission & Vision.

What makes us different?

Care My Tree stands out with its unique emphasis on fruit-bearing trees, offering sustainable economic opportunities for local communities. With a tailored approach, Care My Tree envisions a future where both the environment and communities thrive, setting it apart in the realm of conservation.

Save Environment

Care My Tree plant fruit bearing trees to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other green house gases to save environment and heal the earth. It help farmers boost their earnings and save ground water and fertility. 

Produce Food

Care My Tree focuses on food production to help local communities to get best and cost friendly food. Food security is the basic right for people all around the world. CMT enables farmers produce more food.

Help Farmers

Care My Tree educate farmers to opt for latest and scientific methods of farming to improve their overall financial conditions. Farmers need educational seminars to learn more about modern farming practices.

We are committed to save environment, farmers and local communities.

Care My Tree, a women-owned, not-for-profit organisation located in Punjab, India, is planting fruit-bearing trees to reduce carbon dioxide and help farmers transition from the traditional crop cycle to a better future. 

We focus on a wide range of core local farming and global environment issues that have become fatal for countless Indian farmers and future generations. Our main goals are to reduce greenhouse gasses with tree planting and, help local communities transition from conventional farming, and opt for profitable inter-cropping.

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