Care My Tree is dedicated to environmental conservation through tree plantation. We specifically plant fruitful trees to assist farmers in transitioning from regular crops, promoting sustainable agriculture while saving ground water and soil fertility.

By planting fruitful trees, Care My Tree helps farmers diversify their income sources. We aim to move them beyond traditional crops, enabling them to earn more while contributing to a sustainable environment.

You can support us by making a donation through our website or contacting us directly. Your contribution will go towards planting fruitful trees, supporting farmers, and creating sustainable environmental practices.

While we appreciate your interest, the selection of tree species is determined based on environmental suitability and the needs of local farmers. However, your donation significantly contributes to our overall mission.

Care My Tree is based in Punjab, India, but our tree plantation initiatives extend to various regions. We focus on areas where environmental conservation is needed the most.

Care My Tree goes beyond volunteer efforts and hire local workers for tree maintenance and various other aspects of our projects. By doing so, we aim to create employment opportunities and contribute to the economic development of the community.

Yes, we encourage donors to visit our planted sites. It provides a firsthand experience of the positive impact your donation has on the environment, local farmers, and the community. Kindly contact customer support for more information.

Absolutely! Care My Tree welcomes collaborations with businesses and organizations interested in contributing to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Contact us to explore how your CSR initiatives can align with our mission and create a positive impact.

Care My Tree focuses on planting a variety of citrus and non-citrus fruit trees. The selection is based on local conditions to ensure the trees thrive and contribute positively to the environment and the livelihoods of farmers. These fruitful trees not only support the conservation of water and soil but also provide sustainable economic opportunities for local communities.

Care My Tree significantly reduces carbon footprints by planting trees, which act as natural carbon sinks. These trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, during their growth, helping to offset emissions and combat climate change. Our initiatives play a crucial role in promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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