Unveiling: The Importance of Ending Crop Cycle for Environmental Problems.

The world is struggling with various apocalyptic issues that can end life on Earth. The rising temperature, sea levels and carbon dioxide are among the deadliest issues.

Simultaneously, Indian farmers are also struggling with the hundreds of issues that are making their lives harder than ever before. A significant portion of the total Indian population depends directly or indirectly on agriculture.

The whole situation presents us with a unique opportunity to tackle multiple problems with just one solution. Care My Tree is planting fruit-bearing trees that positively impact the lives of farmers, underground water, soil fertility, and the environment.

The impact of the traditional crop cycle.

In north India, wheat and rice are 2 of the most common traditional crops. Rice is not a traditional crop, as it was introduced during the Green Revolution in northern India.

Depleting groundwater

Rice crops demand enormous water sources, which is somewhat missing in agriculture-rich northern India. That is why farmers are using groundwater for irrigation and depleting the groundwater to dangerously low levels.

Punjab, the land of 5 rivers, is on its way to becoming a man-made desert. Hundreds of studies have indicated that Punjab might become a desert in the next 20 to 25 years.

Impacting soil fertility

The traditional crop cycle, which has been going on for more than 30 to 40 years, has impacted soil fertility as well. Staying away from traditional crop cycles, especially rice crops, can help farmers regain the old soil fertility by adopting soil-friendly practices.

Exposure to deadly fertilizers

Most Indian farmers use dangerous fertilizers that impact not just the lives of the farmers but also the lives of everyone eating that food. 

In 2024, millions of farmers in Western countries have already started adopting organic farming practices. It is time for us to help the farmers the use of deadly fertilizers and opt for better options.

Low Yield Farming

Traditional farming is not as lucrative as it used to be back in the late 1900s. Most north Indian farmers have 5 acres or less of farming land, which is not profitable compared to a few years back.

Other than that, environmental impact and low crop yields have also significantly impacted the farming income for small farmers all around the country.

Why should we help Farmers?

Now, you might ask why we should help farmers and not directly plant trees on barren land.

‘Indian agriculture is responsible for 17% of the total GDP of India and employing 60% of the nation workforce’

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

There are countless benefits of helping in India and all around the world. A significant number of the Indian population relies on agricultural income, whether directly or indirectly. 

Care My Tree

Reduce carbon dioxide (CO2)

Care My Tree plants fruit-bearing trees and replaces the traditional crop cycle to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2). 

The fruit-bearing trees are also capable of reducing carbon dioxide, but they can also help farmers in hundreds of different ways. Indian farmers are also struggling with the existence crisis, which is getting worse every year. 

Rather than planting wild trees, we can plant fruit-bearing trees and help farmers make a living and save their local ecosystem. 

Economic Stability 

Most Indian farmers are not able to make a living and fall into a vicious debt trap. Thousands of farmers commit suicide every year all around India due to rising debt and no help.

We can not ignore anyone committing suicide due to no help. We founded Care My Tree to help these helpless farmers and guide them to economic stability using the latest farming techniques.

The fruit-bearing trees allow farmers to secure their future with the minor inconvenience of intercropping.

We guide farmers to plant fruit-bearing trees and opt for intercropping. This golden combination allows farmers to have regular income and a secure future with healthy orchards.